The End Does Not Make The Means Worthwhile

So…although I am going hourglass, the way to do that is not by getting an inflamed pancreas.  It works, but it does not feel good.  But I’m down 7 .  And hopefully I will be up (from the bed), soon.


Woman of the Moment

When I screw up, I’m not failing for eternity, or even for a day…or an hour.  I’m failing for a moment.  Moments aren’t dominoes that all crash when one topples.  The moment that follows the point of failure is still mine, in which to make a good choice.

Being Accountable


3 eggs (scrambled):  240, 3

1 Tbs cream:  50, 0

1 oz cheese: 120, 0

1 med. tomato: 35, 6

1 sm. avocado:  230, 1.5

1/2 sm. red onion: 20, 4.5

Total:  675

Carbs:  15


Hello world!

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